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What does the term  'reclaimed' mean?

What is the difference between 'reclaimed' and 'recycled' 

What is a sustainably managed plantation?

Do you make custom made furniture?

Do you offer an after care service?

How do I care for my furniture

Do you deliver outside of Phnom Penh?

Why do you import your products? Why don't you use wood from Cambodia?

many of our products are made from outstanding quality old growth reclaimed teak. The timber is reclaimed from disused structures such as abandoned houses, bridges, boats and railway sleepers then hand crafted in to quality furniture. Having a 'life' before it became your dining table or chair means your furniture has a unique appeal and a story to tell.  The rest of our wood is sourced from sustainably managed plantations. We never use wood from old-growth forests unlike many of the wood products on sale in Cambodia today. We only work alongside trusted suppliers with a proven track record in using sustainably sourced timber and many of our products are Forest Stewardship Council® certified. Look out for the metal FSC® plates on our certified products!





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