FSC® Certification


The Forest Stewardship Council®, or FSC®, is an international, non profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of global forests. The FSC® does this by setting standards on forest products, along with certifying and labeling them as eco-friendly.

Our FSC® certified suppliers have gone through a rigorous process to obtain their certification status and are constantly monitored to ensure these standards are maintained. Our FSC® certified products fit in to FSC®'s 'recycled' wood category.  

With forest destruction in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos remaining at critical levels and the equivalent of 48 football fields of forest lost every minute globally, it has never been more important to buy responsibly sourced wood products.

We are the only retailer in Cambodia offering FSC®certified furniture. Look out for the metal FSC® plates on our certified products. 

To find out more about FSC® and the positive impact of buying FSC® certified products please watch the one minute video above.